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Network Security Solutions

According to a recent research survey, cyber attacks have increased by almost 80 percent over the last two years! Information Technology (IT) Security should be an ongoing and fundamental consideration in every aspect of your network infrastructure. Proper network configurations can go unnoticed to the untrained eye, which can result in multiple unknown "security vulnerabilities" or breaches in security. Professional security implementation requires a rigorous in-depth analysis with an overall solutions orientated strategy.

Small Business Networking Professionals believes that affordable and effective network security solutions are possible to achieve through a highly skilled technology team. Initially, our specialized network security consultant will sit down with you to analyze your situation and create an outline for a strategic security solution. Our network security consultant will then present options and recommendations based upon your needs. Ultimately, our goal is to deliver to you the most value-based and cost-effective Network Security Consulting solutions possible.

Typical security services include:

  • Security Audit - identification of current security concerns
  • Security Threat Assessment (Penetration testing) - including internal and external vulnerability scans
  • Secure Infrastructure Design - secured network design and access strategies including firewalls, intrusion
    prevention system (IPS), spam blocking, virus protection, internet content filtering, and VPN
Have one of our network security specialists contact you to discuss your Network Security needs.

Server Consolidation/Virtualization

Begin slashing capital and operational costs by consolidating servers and limiting additional hardware spend. Virtualization lets you get more out of your existing servers and limit the physical resources you need to manage,
power, store, and buy, directly impacting your bottom line immediately. Many small businesses increase their utilization rates for x86 servers from 5-15% up to 60-80% after introducing Server Consolidation. Server Consolidation for small business is the most cost effective way to enable enterprise-class operations optimized for small and midsize businesses.

Why SMBs Virtualization

SMBs are adopting virtualization for a variety of reasons. The number one reason cited is to improve server utilization; 72% of SMBs chose virtualization for this reason. But that’s not the only benefit: 57% sought to reduce
or contain the number of servers, 49% to improve security, 48% to improve availability and uptime, 47% to
improve server and application management, and 47% to improve data backup and protection. Let's not forget
the money saved on paying for power by reducing energy costs by up to 80% on your electricity bill. Virtualization
pays for itself each and every day! We help to ensure that you're maximizing the value of each and every IT
infrastructure dollar. * Every server virtualized has the same environmental impact as removing 1.5 cars from the road *

Protect your Applications and Data

Server consolidation keeps your business up and running with automated backup, application availability and
disaster recovery. Server consolidation helps you protect the critical data and applications that keep your business
running with zero-downtime hardware maintenance. Test and deploy more applications by optimizing preproduction
staging environments, reducing downtime for the applications that run and drive the business.

By making IT systems less likely to fail, and by making server restoration substantially faster, virtualization enables
SMBs of all sizes to reduce the cost of downtime — in terms of lost productivity, lost sales or damaged reputation.
Given SMBs’ relatively limited disaster preparedness, virtualization can act as an important insurance policy.

Our Virtualization services and solutions include:

  • Assessment and Planning
  • Process and Requirements
  • Solution Evaluation and Technology Selection
  • Solution Implementation and Deployment
  • Education and Training
  • Have one of our specialists contact you to discuss your Server Virtualization needs

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On-Site & Remote Support
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Internet Content Filtering
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Reduce Costs
Reduce Energy Consumption
Improve Security
Improve Performance & Uptime
Improve Data Backup
Improve Server Management

Managed Firewalls
Managed Routers
Managed Switches
Managed Servers
Managed Email Security
Internet Content Filtering

We offer high quality mail server outsourcing solution with a top rated spam email security! Save thousands of dollars by not having to purchase server hardware, licenses for Microsoft Exchange Server, backup software, and an expert to setup and maintain it on an ongoing basis. 

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